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Die 20 wichtigsten Fragen für deinen medialen Erfolg:

Welcome call with our editor-in-chief, onboarding with the editor aus unserem Team, der am besten zu dir passt. Persönliche und nachhaltige Betreuung.

In recent years, we have developed an editorial mit über 40 Mitarbeitern aufgebaut. Einer dieser qualifizierten Mitarbeiter wird für dich zuständig sein.

In the media that are relevant to you. Media that are easy to find online and can be read without a subscription. General industry magazines, trade magazines and mass media. 

No, we have a perfectly trained ghost-writing team in the background, specialized in writing press releases and guest articles on your behalf that get to the heart of your conviction and equally meet all journalistic standards.

We offer depending on booked period offers certain guarantees and services. In the end, however, what counts is your individual need and the, what you need. This makes it perfect for both sides. We take care of everything from A-Z - from topic pitch to publication.

Through press coverage, you can get backlinks that will improve your Google ranking.

It depends on how successful you want to be. Compared to bought media, where an ad has been proven to cost 4,000-6,000? our offer is very cheapbecause we can place you based on your personality and expert knowledge. Depending on the term, the price range starts at 6,000? up to annual contracts for 20,000? as a special offer.

We do not sell online courses or the like! We are an absolutely serious agency, which takes over the performance for our customers completely and independently. Fairly paid full-time employees will actively contact media for you every day, work and give the best to place you. In addition, the price includes all the services of our best writers.

We always prefer editorial work over purchased media placements. That means a media that publishes you also has a sincere interest in it. Also: We give a guarantee that a certain number of media will agree to your topics.

Of course. Especially when building your website, the media reports generated up to that point are excellent references that you can include on your website.

The power of the third person: When you appear in print, you rightly appear more trustworthy. Advertisements and the like always come from you, and many prospects take this for granted. Media references increase trust and get people to approach you on their own.

Definitely. After all, it is even more important to be known and found directly as an entrepreneur.

Du musst prüfen, ob die von uns gewählten Themen zu dir passen und uns Informationen zu dir und deiner Expertise geben. Zudem nimmst du die Artikel ab und gibst das ?Go? für die Veröffentlichungen. Den Rest erledigen wir. Du hast definitiv keinen großen Aufwand.

As soon as a customer has achieved more than ten publications, he receives a certification from us, including the HTML code for embedding on his own website.

Yes, of course. Because behind every product or every store are people who are good at something and are experts in certain products.

No, when we focus on press releases and guest articles written by our ghostwriting team, without exception they turn out positive and favorable.

Maximum 4 weeks.

Then our team continues to work free of charge until the agreed goal is reached.

Yes, our writers are absolute full professionals, trained to write texts in a way that perfectly reflects the protagonists/experts.

Not in the first interview, but at the latest in the second. It has been our experience that customers who find it difficult to make a decision at the outset are not punctual at interviews later on, or do not make a decision at all. überhaupt nicht erscheinen und die Deadlines der Medien verstreichen lassen. Deshalb können wir nur noch Kunden annehmen, die bereit sind, klare und schnelle Entscheidungen zu treffen.

Highly professional. Every customer is a VIP customer with us and we take care of everything. You have absolute security. How exactly it works, you will learn in the consultation.